How to Navigate The Process of Rehab

In The United States alone 23.2 million people are affected by addiction. With numbers this shockingly high only 10 percent are receiving the treatment that they need to overcome their addiction. This could be in part largely to the fact that very few people are informed about the reality of rehab.

What is Rehab?

Rehabilitation (or rehab) from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a process that involves detoxification (detox) from the drug, entering a facility where you will receive immediate care and long-term treatment. While many representations of rehab have been skewed in movies and on television the reality of rehab is very different. Rehab facilities are often very comfortable places to start a new life of sobriety. These facilities are staffed by counselors, medical staff and caring supportive staff who will help guide you through the first days of abstinence.

Rehab is a place where you can receive the support and respect you deserve. The people who will work with you realize that your addiction is a disease that must be overcome by proper treatment.

What Happens At A Rehab Facility?

In addition to receiving therapy much more happens at rehab facilities. One of the major parts of many rehab facilities is group treatment. Although each addict and addiction is very different the collective experience will often have similarities. So too will the path to a new sober life. Having the support of people dealing with similar struggles can be of huge benefit. These are people who you can talk to and they will completely understand the difficulty you are experiencing. Knowing that you are not alone can be a huge benefit when starting a new life.

Most rehab facilities also offer programs to help you grown as a person. Some programs will offer courses in music, painting, poetry, yoga, nutrition, literature, current events, history or many other subjects. By renewing some of the things that you once enjoyed you can start to see how your new life will take shape.

There is also “down time” in rehab facilities. There is time built in to do reflecting as well as leisure time. The misconception that you will be inundated with therapy around the clock is nothing more than a misconception. The staff at rehab facilities work to make their clients feel comfortable so they can start the process of healing and growing.

Is There Only One Kind Of Rehab?

Because people vary so greatly so do the varieties of rehab settings available. By educating yourself on what options are available you are sure to find a good fit for you or your loved one. Some people like the idea of a longer-term residential program where they can spend a few months learning to live without drugs or alcohol. Other people might feel more comfortable with a shorter stay. There are a variety of options in terms of what kind of background a rehab facility has. Some will focus on spirituality or a religious background. Some will be very therapy centered working with a specific type of therapy. Others will prefer a more holistic or “new-aged” focus.

How Do I Find The Right Rehab for Me?

Fortunately we can offer the information and experience we have compiled. Our counselors can help walk you through all of the details that could otherwise overwhelm you. With a simple phone call you can reach a trained counselor who will respect you and treat you with dignity. Each counselor understands the wide varieties of rehab settings and can help you gauge what might work best for you. They can answer your questions, give you information and make suggestions for what may be a good fit.

Many individual rehab settings offer phone numbers to call but unfortunately they do not have databases filled with different rehab facilities to choose from. When you make a decision as important as where you will start your new life you need to have the power to make your own choice. By making your own decision about what kind of treatment you receive, where you receive it and for how long, you can increase your chances of long-term success.

Can I afford Rehab

When people living with addiction are asked why they do not seek help a staggering amount report that they simply can’t afford it. Whether you lack health insurance or have limited coverage that should not inhibit you from getting the help you need. The counselors we provide can help you navigate this process as well. They can help you find a facility that works with your insurance or, if you lack coverage, can help you find a facility that will work with your budget. No one should be denied treatment because they have financial constraints.

Will It Work?

Scientific research has proven that completing a rehab program increases the chance of long-term sobriety. What can further bolster the chances of success is finding a facility that is the ideal fit for you. By finding a facility that suits your personality, your family, your specific addiction and you overall, your chances go up exponentially.

Rehab is a wonderful option for people or families who are ready for change. Once the decision has been made to get help, finding the right help is critically important. There is a perfect rehab facility out there for you or your loved one.